Starting Startup Starters

Hello World, In an attempt to connect the worlds of the inside and outside, here's a blog that might inspire someone! First posts do not usually get clicks, reads or shares, so I'll keep it introductory. I'll be posting about anything with no rules to define the writing, for now, however, I will categorize posts if they fit into categories like freewriting, startup tips, musical discussions, product and software reviews, book summaries and new content that I deem entertaining and informative. Of course, I'll start facing difficulties keeping my ideas & vocabulary aligned, I'll miss some posts occasionally, I'm aiming for a weekly post, we'll see about that in a year, I will also introduce my own small online store, that's more of an online shelf for random products & services to make me rich, no doubt! Anyway, lets Kiss, "Keep it smart & simple, or shit & stupid" that's yet undecided. Peace, Khalid Zamer

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