I held a pen to write,

On white

Very smart,

Or clever,

Or whatsoever,

A piece of art

Unlocked my heart,

Clearing my head,

While I lay in bed

Thinking about you

All the things we said,

Feelings mixing,

Figuring the fixing,

Awakening what was once dead,

And alive,

As mad thoughts arrive,

What was once dead,

Is led to revive,

Found peace in a hive

It was all about timing,

Tricky questions rhyming,

I try to pull a string,

I twist a thread, instead

Then nights without a bed,

Clearing my mind,

Feelings combined

Left undefined,

Trying to overcome,

Embrace you and welcome,

6 strings to strum

To the beats of a heart like a drum rolling cigarettes,

Till my lips get numb,

Till I get dumb,

Smoking weed

Predict and proceed

Got my headsets,

Exploring acoustic frets,

Bleeding fingertips

Slide and crawl,

Then all of a sudden

A future to consider

I’m a bad bidder

We’ll have no regrets,

Well, maybe some,

Well, maybe none at all,

You're making me whole,

Old n new I recall,

Spring, winter, and fall,

Now summer won’t leave me alone,

Light fire with a snowball,

As I lay in bed I pray to the sun,

You're like no other one, done,

Wings they spread they just won't open

Ask me why or what you can ask how or ask when

Let peace be me,

Just let it happen.

Got some minds trapping,

Tripping, of wisdom dripping

I can hear them hands clapping, play’s tricks so slow, adagio,

And oh,

At other times faster,


Ummmm some other things I master,

I can make you glow,

Let it be let it go,

So smile like a baby,

You’re my baby,

You’re my glory,

You know,

The word is addictive,

Not being selective,

Nor objective,

Nor for wealthy

Tempting unhealthy

For you, I'd kneel and I’d bow,

Let it be, let it once more go

I'd send pictures of the Nile

So I can feel your smile

And call you mine for a while

Or call you mine,

like forever,

Waiting on the sunrise,

Realize, hypnotize

Blue, black and white

Buildings and vertical skies

Call, raise, all in

Let the best man win

Royal flush, we a pair

Fingers through my hair

Driving to nowhere,

Let the worlds apart

We don't care

I'm hooked, fully booked,

My time is mine

Feeling Devine

Crating holly moment,

I stare,

Dazzling eyes,

Full of surprise

High on life,

Yet fully aware,

Man, this is real,

Man, this is ideal,

And when words run out,

Replace, refine,

Offbeat and off the line,

So I type and type and type,

Till the sentences are sweet n' ripe,

And all I think about is you,

I got no clue

I got no doubt,

I got my inner inspired,

I got what can’t be acquired,

I got what I desired

I got a pearl,

Mother of all gods

Mine against the odds

Through magical portal

I peaceful

I happy

I Immortal.

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